90% Silver Coins - $1.00 Face Value

90% Silver Coins - .00 Face Value

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Coin Specification
ConditionAverage Circulated
Metal Content.715 Troy Oz of Silver
Purity90% Silver

Product Information

This Bag contains $1.00 of face value coins that are US minted cons produced before 1965 and consist of 90% Silver. The approx amount of pure silver in this bag is .715oz.

Note: We will make every attempt to send you the denomination you have selected, but due to unknown supply of your denomination, if we can not ship the requested denomination we will ship you an alternative denomination in its place. However this will not be grounds to return this item, as all 90% Coins contain the same amount of silver per its face value.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

These constitutional silver coins sure aren't junk!

I have bought quite a few dollars face of the 90% coinage from Phil's. Besides the silver content, I enjoy buying 90% silver coinage from Phil's because of the variety. When buying dimes, Mercury dimes are among the rosies. When buying half dollars, sometimes a Kennedy half will show up, once even a Walking Liberty finished up a tube. I have not gotten different quarter designs from the 90% yet, but I have gotten both the light and heavy motto 1934 Washington quarters. Even if you don't find anything interesting, the silver content alone makes the 90% silver coinage worth it! This is truly a staple purchase, and I am quite glad that Phil's offers honest pricing. (21 Jun 2020, 08:37)

My favorite things in the shop

I love to get the junk silver here. I have found some very nice pieces - from blast white Roosevelt dimes to better date walking liberties. Its a great way to fill your book up a bit more. (11 May 2020, 14:09)

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