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Love doing business with you guys!!  Thanks for your excellent continued service.

- Larry W, 11 Aug 2020, 10:08

I've never left a review, or even wanted to until today. I picked the Franklin because I've got a whole book filled and Phil's supplied them all and all have luster and some FBLs. But today he was up to his usual stuff. I put in a order, and a half hour later it was filled. As I write this its probably shipped. And always, always there within 3 working days. I've been buying from Phils when I first started collecting. I bought many silver eagles, always gems. Slot of proof Kennedys silver and clad proofs and almost always they are cameos. His junk silver ain't junk. It seems 1/3 are BU's. I've called, hes always helped. Lincoln wheat, buffalo nickles, and peace dollars, Morgan dollars. I've bought the all and always am satisfied. He sold me a 1929's walker as junk , its in my album. Try him you won't be disappointed. Gary

- Gary L Ledbetter, 05 Sep 2020, 09:04

Nice coins fast shipping

- P Morgan, 17 Jun 2020, 09:44